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About Us

We ,area 4 team always value the creativity and uniqueness.
The concept of area 4 brought to ella with a intention of making our clients feel a unique experience. ✨

Ella is a one of the greatest locations in the world tourism boundaries blended with bio diversity and prehistoric epics.

it's an experiment, exploration and excitement for those who looking for a feel beyond a hotel.
The busy life and schedules conditioned us to disconnect our souls and values.
The ambition of Area 4 is to bring your true spirit and energy with an intentional effort.

The space, architecture , surroundings and atmosphere will makes you and your families to find WHO YOU ARE.
Try our unique stay , at your preference...
A treehouse â›ē | A container studio 🚋 | A caravan 🚎 will mark your stay memorable â™Ĩī¸

The one of the sri lanka's most unique rustic boutique hotel you can ever find ... its AREA 4 ECO CUBES

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